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Aurora [userpic]

January 3rd, 2011 (01:13 pm)

Just knocked out some of my school registration and I guess I feel pretty good about it. I'M NOT ON ACADEMIC PROBATION SO I FEEL REALLY GOOD ABOUT THAT! Cept I won't be done by this summer. I gotta wait till fall to finish up because one of the classes I need for my teaching associates degree I need a prerequisite for and its one of the classes that I'm taking this semester for teaching so...*sigh* I gotta go back up Wednesday morning to finish up financial aid stuff then I should be set straight. Next step would be making sure I have money to pay for that math class and I need to start looking up cheap books online asap.

The search for a new job will be beginning soon because I really don't think I'll be putting any money in the bank with the little hours I have at Schnucks on top of the one day a week I'll be doing at CVS. I think my whole check from both will end up going to my mom. Whats the point? I need to take a look at my manga that are in good condition and try to put them on ebay or something to get rid of them. I really wish I had the heart to part with my Lunar games but I just can't sell those ;~; They're box sets Though I have a few magazines I can try selling again as well so fingers cross that people actually buy!

I am a little upset with myself though because with how money was coming in, I got a little too comfortable with spending my money more freely and I regret it. I sort of regret getting my DSi but its acting like my little netbook right now when I'm actually in places with wifi so it was a good investment really lol

I really shouldn't worry myself though. Everything will fall into place right? This is a new year and I'm going to work hard to make myself happy. I'm going to get my Associates Degree. Work on my Japanese. Get into a good university. Take my first overseas trip and maybe even work off my credit card debit hardcore. I just want to get some of these things done so I'm not so stressed over them. I need some serious spring cleaning on my life.