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November 15th, 2010 (02:10 pm)

Quick update since I couldn't find a computer at the computer lab and I'm in the like study area thing idk.....anyway, I met with my counselor and even though I missed my math class I had a really good conversation and feel alot better about what I need to do with my school and future. See, this counselor had done exactly what I want to do so he was a major help. He taught English in Japan for about....9 years I think he said and he had so many fun stories to tell me. He told me how he taught all these high exectives and stuff English and I was just in awe. Then he told me how he had started an English school in his area and was doing really well with it till his ex-wife divorced him and took all his shit basically :/ But he was just telling me how wonderful the country was and that it was such a paradox in a way in how you get treated and stuff. It was really fasinanting. He also said he'd help me with getting in touch with the company he worked for and stuff like that once I finished with Uni. So now I need to look into what I'm going to study cause basically he said I just need a four year degree and it didn't really matter what it needed to be in. I'm thinking along the lines of some sort of cultural studies or something like that. I was telling him how I had such a passion for learning language and he said that'd really take me far. A nice weight had been lifted after this visit. He even understood my dislike for math LOL cause he doesn't care for it either "Math...is basically klingon to me" were his words lmfao. I like this guy. I'm going to visit him again really soon.

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November 8th, 2010 (12:57 pm)

Wooo an updaaate~

For one, Cassie is doing better. No more accidents and her bark has improved! yay~ Did not need that vet bill on my hands thats for sure!

Halloween was fun~ Didn't wear Yuki so rocked my kangaroo kigurumi. Wasn't too bad. Saw Paranormal Activity 2 electric boogaloo and had a grand ol time there. Later I saw The Human Centipede which wasn't even that bad and The Thing which I came to find out was my moms favorite movie. Apparently my mom loves her some gorey ass movies. So we're going to have a Saw watching marathon at some point in the future. Oh mom....I wouldn't have expected that.

Working CVS and Schnucks is getting a little tiring but I just have to remember how rewarding double paycheck day is. I need to sleep earlier so that I don't feel so dead when I initially wake up. Going to bed at bout midnight to wake at like 5:30 isn't always fun. I think by next semester I'm just gonna quit Schnucks and work at CVS. If I get more hours there then I can still save for things and be able to pay my mom rent. I'll have to talk to her about it...I know at least over break I will be workin both like a mad woman!

Which brings me to my next topics. I don't think I'll be going to any conventions or cosplaying next year. While they are fun and I do enjoy seeing/making friends there...I really want to do something else with myself. I spend a good amount of money on cons/cosplay on occasion and well....I want to travel. At the end of the year I really want to go some place. I want to visit my friends who don't live in the country as well as well....go to Japan since everyone is all "Why haven't you gone yet!" ;3; I wannaaaaa... Anyway...cons will always be around and well...You only live once! and I'd like to not keep living it doing the same thing every year :X There's so much to seeeee

I also wanna get a PS3 and DSi at some point..OH AND WELL BUY A NEW LAPTOP =AAAAAAAAAAA= I'm gonna have to start talking to mom bout going to Best Buy to put me on a monthly plan. I want a really nice one. Any recommendations guys?

Later today I need to go talk to my counselor since apparently she wants to talk to all her students..wonder what she's gonna say to me 8D;; Though I do hope she can help me figure out what I can do with wanting to teach. I feel like I'm getting a little lost again. I really want to study languages and start on linguistics for Japanese....I think I'd still like to have a teaching degree anyway just because if I ever need a job doing subbing or teaching I'll have an opportunity right? I don't think I'll be going into the service anymore cause well mom and I haven't spoken about it again and I'm just thinking maybe I don't need to.

On another note though...I might have to go to the doctor LOL I think my skin issues are clearing up but at the start of the year I have to go for a check up buuuuuut yet again I haven't had a period in like three months...=3= this happened to me once a few years back during the summer. Maaaaaaaaaaaan I hate going to the doctor. And last time I went to the doctor cause of this issue they drew blood and I was all " oAo omg look at that...its coming out of me whoa.." so freaky. Anyway I don't remember what else to update about and this is long enough.

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November 3rd, 2010 (01:25 pm)

jhflkdajfakg hgdlgka frustrating updaaate

Cassie is some sort of sick that I'm not sure what it is. Cassie is my 10 year old Jack Russel btw for those who may not know who she is by now. It started last Thursday. I woke up to her trying to sit away from her bed so she kept bumping into my bags and making noise. I wake up to see she pooped and barfed up by my door. =A= I don't know what the hell that was about. I clean it up and hope that this was a one time thing. Then on Saturday she does it again. When I put her outside so I could clean it up she tried to poop again but it was light brown and runny like there wasn't much of nothin left. I figured she might be dehydrated so I made her drink some ice water and hoped she'd feel better. Later I noticed that the pads of her paws were really soft and at least to me, her neck looked kinda swollen. Her bark was much weaker than usual too @____________@ That Sunday or Monday though her bark was starting to come back but was still weak. Her pads are also starting to feel a bit rougher again. This morning though...she had another accident =A= WHATS WRONG WITH MY DOG!? Some of the poo looked like a grey/green kinda color and half melted. Did she eat something weird? She's still happy and chipper as usual aside from her having accidents and stuff. Halp?

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October 23rd, 2010 (03:03 pm)

lol since I'm sittin here webcammin it up with visualterrorism and we both realized we need to update our livejournals. So I shall do that!

Working at CVS is still going wooooooonderful~ All my coworkers are great cept this one guy I don't work with much but no one likes him cause he don't do shit lol plus I think the fact that he's way older than us makes a difference. Like the rest of us who work up front that aren't managers are 19-25 basically.

Lost my train of thought with this entry. Basically CVS for the win and Schnucks is well schnucks.

I just realized Halloween is like...next weekend LOL I really gotta go by the fabric shop and get new material to fix Yuki's shirt. I also need to see how big my fucking shorts are on that costume XD I made em waaay to big....

I keep stopping in the middle of updating this so I don't even remember where I left off anymore.

OH! Traveling! I really want to get out the country next year. I just don't know where I wanna go yet ;3; So many friends I want to visiiiiiit ;0; Dunno who to choose first *sigh* anyway I'm gonna stop this update before I forget where I am again. =3=

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October 17th, 2010 (12:10 am)

Working at CVS is so far so good! I really like all my coworkers that I've met and the pace is really nice and laid back. On occasion we get a little busy but its not as crazy as it gets with Schnucks. I think that once I get out of debt I may just quit Schnucks and work full time at CVS. Though it might take me into the summer to get out of debt and I'll probably still want to work two jobs to save up for a trip! We'll see what happens.

I just have a feeling my time on the internet is going to be much less, especially if I work Schnucks/CVS combo days where I have to be up with the sun and leave when its dark at night. I'm usually rather tired after that and start dozing at the computer LOL I should be going to bed soon now since I got work at Schnucks at 6:30am =3= workin a combo tomorrow.

I so lost my train of thought with this entry =3= For Halloween I think I'll be remaking Yuki from Mix Spearkers just cause it's mostly done and I don't feel like working on making Pachirisu anymore right now lol

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October 7th, 2010 (01:51 am)

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! School tuition is paid off and I can breath a little easier! Training for working at CVS/Pharmacy is officially over and I have orientation at new store tomorrow. The store opens Sunday and I'm getting kinda pumped. I love all the coworkers I've met so far and I can't wait to build friendships with them all ♥ I really hope I can work there and Schnucks so I can pay my mom back and start paying off bills. Then maybe I can haz new laptop? ;3;

Halloween is coming up and I'm a bit in the air about a costume! I think I'll still do Pachirisu so I can take it to cons and stuff but I also want to possibly make a black & red cyber outfit...I might skip on that since I don't know what time and funds will look like. Whats everyone else doing for the holiday?

I don't remember what else I had to update about.....I'm on a bit of a Kpop kick right now...a few days ago it was SHINee now its 2ne1....


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October 1st, 2010 (09:58 pm)


No I kid. Anyway today I worked both Schnucks and CVS. Schnucks 6:15-11:30am then went to CVS from 1-8. I can't wait for our store to open cause omfg the drive to that Manchester store is so fucking far..... IN OTHER NEWS half the crew that worked today was from what I like to call Team Creve Couer. That's where our new store is opening at. One of the guys likes anime and knew who Malice Mizer was o_o He's my new friend 8D I really like all my coworkers I've met so far though so I'm really happy. Its a different change of pace but I don't know what the pace will be like at the new location. I'm sure it'll be busy at first cause of it being a shiny knew store but then I think it will die down.


My tuition is due Tuesday and I'm only borrowing a certain amount from mom but just realized I need about 70$ more bucks.... =__________________= at most I have 50$ I HATE BEING BROKE. I wish I had nonbroke friends I could borrow some money from....but....I have broke friends (._. )

I'm so tired..I don't even know what else I wanna update about lol. I wish my laptop worked *sigh*

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September 28th, 2010 (03:50 pm)


I don't know if I mentioned before but I applied at CVS/Pharmacy and go the job. I had my first day today and I feel pretty confident in the things goin on with it. So I'm very excited to be working there. One of my coworkers has the same name as me.....So I gotta try to talk everyone into calling me Aurora...

I'm dying my hair dark brown/chocolate. I probably won't do blonde for a while *sob* I need to let my hair grow out and heal. I really want to get it styled into something but I dunno what. Ahhh lets see...School is going fine aside from the fact that I really need to remember to do my homework. A LOT OF IT IS ONLINE AND I DON'T THINK TO DO IT! I also need to ace the rest of my math tests herp derp. Cause I'm doing pretty good in every class but thats the class I have to pass or I'm dead meat.

Um um um um....I went to AWA and that was fun. Noooo more trips till probably around MTAC and even then I need to try to acquire a new laptop and a external harddrive for the Jrock Sleep Over. Also need to save money to construct V-Last Shyena & ...what the hell else were we cosplaying.....TOTALLY FORGOT! ANYWAY YEAH SO I GOTTA MAKE A COSTUME FUND AS WELL ASIDE FROM THAT HERP DERP Can't wait till break comes so I CAN WORK MY LIFE AWAY AND GET OUT OF DEBT. May try to find a second job after that. I really hope that come spring will be my final semester cause I want to travel and meet friends. Though mom's like I should join the service and travel through that but I kinda wanna go soon and if I go into military that won't happen soon =3= But lets not think that far in the future.

I need to pimp my anime/manga sellings on craigslist & ebay. Then need to try and pimp jrock sellings cause...yes. I have acquired two duplicate Cure's that may sell on tumblr lololol I GOTTA GO GET READY FOR WORK NOW BAI

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September 20th, 2010 (02:14 am)


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September 16th, 2010 (02:52 pm)